03 Aug

Kompendium Planning – Horizons and Intentions Glimpse

The start of the 3rd Quarter Grant Round for the Factom Protocol has begun and Kompendium is excited to participate in Community-prioritized projects.  Kompendium was elected in the summer of 2019 as a high-efficiency (60%) Infrastructure Factom Protocol authority node operator; however, our Community pledges extend well beyond just server administration. Kompendium has sizeable ambitions for the Protocol and we hope the Community shares our vision for its future. 

We at Kompendium are driven to ensure the Protocol’s success and we plan to pursue that aim primarily through building developer tools, applications, promoting advocacy, and participating in governance.  Kompendium uses planning horizons to plan out activity.  These horizons are divided into three periods: short (0-6 months, two grant rounds), medium (6-18months, or four grant rounds) and long range (beyond 18 months).  This allows us to lay out our plans and goals over six grant rounds, which enables us to comprehensively plan out projects that requiring sequencing and parallel development.

In the short term, Kompendium plans on aggressively pursuing the expansions of developer options and supporting exceptional initiatives.  Developers, Developers, Developers – we feel we need to help the Community expand the number of developers aware of the Protocol’s utility and make it as easy as possible for them to integrate the Protocol into existing and future projects. The Community really needs a sizeable expansion of fresh technical talent willing and eager to build things with, and atop of, the Factom Protocol. Kompendium hopes to pursue several projects to achieve this. For the upcoming grant round, our primary line fo effort is to pursue the development of several additional clients for some of the most popular and capable programming languages. Through the development of additional clients, Kompendium can help the community instantly expand the availability of the Protocol to a far larger community of developers.

In a farther out time horizon, we hope to develop an end-to-end development suite that will incorporate an expanded library of clients, as well as other developer tools, built by the Community to provide a simple yet powerful platform to leverage all the Protocol’s capabilities.

In the medium timeline we hope to have the opportunity to work to expand wallet options for FCT, EC, and potentially FAT and PegNet holders.  Another initiative we‘d like to pursue are projects in support of interoperability with other DLT projects. We feel the protocol could be well-positioned to do this well and if done successfully, it would significantly enhance the number of value propositions available to a wide variety of use cases.

For information regarding proposals for the Factom Protocol 3rd Quarter Grant Round and more please use the following link: https://factomize.com/forums/factom/grants/

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