23 Aug

Kompendium Welcome’s Sergey Bushnyak as its Newest Member

The Kompendium team is excited to announce Sergey Bushnyak, CTO and founder of software development company Kelecorix, has joined Kompendium as of August 2019. Sergey—Discord User: [Kompendium] Sergey—is an extremely talented and amiable developer with extensive experience in software development, functional programming, cryptography, and DLT/blockchains. Specific to blockchain, he has worked as a blockchain architect for multiple projects, and has wide experience with and interests in smart contracts, zero knowledge proofs, and formal verification systems.

With Sergey’s addition, Kompendium is confident it will be in an enhanced position to increase both its rate and scope of contribution to the Protocol and Community.

Please monitor Kompendium’s company blog and other Factom Protocol community announcement forums for future Kompendium developments and updates.

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