05 Sep

Kompendium Community Update – September 2019

This is Kompendium’s monthly Community Update for September, covering activity in August.

We had a productive August…


Infrastructure: We refined and improved the management of our node infrastructure. We added log parsing/monitoring tools, refined our infrastructure visualization dashboards, and added PagerDuty to reinforce our notification alert system.

Advocacy: Following our failed Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) grant proposal, we decided to purchase a BIG membership at the individual level for our own team. Although it is a lower tier membership, we will work to find opportunities and take advantage of this network for the betterment of the community and protocol.

Personnel: As previously announced, Sergey Bushnyak joined Kompendium. Sergey has been a tremendous addition to the team adding new energy, experiences, and an expansive skill set. He has rounded out our team nicely and, with our current group, we are in an even better position to bring value to the community.


PegNet: For the latter half of August, Mitchell took a personal vacation and a short break from his PegNet development activities. Refreshed and tanned, expect him to return to making contributions wherever needed.

Grant Work: We have begun working on our approved grant and are enhancing the Factom Rust Client Library. We are thinking through strategies to maximize its exposure to external Rust developer communities to entice greater usage and expand the adoption of the protocol—more to follow on this effort!

Haskell Client Library: We are building a Factom Protocol Haskell client library to facilitate several additional initiatives we are researching, planning, and/or developing. As an initial means to test out the library, we are exploring building out a couple network observation applications—stay tuned.

Independent Research Initiative1: We are conducting independent research on current Smart Contract (SC) implementations on Factom and across several other blockchain platforms. We are also researching development plans for an end-to-end advanced SC Development Suite (i.e., an enhanced IDE). Research areas for SC include high-level SC languages, execution environments (EV), and the potential utility of creating a new “intermediate notation” language for connecting SC to EV–we’re calling it SCIN for now.

Kompendium will use insights from this research, to support a major development initiative, creating a novel SC ecosystem that will include a formally verified core; tools for static analysis; and a set of templates, solutions, and libraries to enable an intermediate and highly secure implementation of SCs. Currently we are working on a standalone server system that allows integration with any IDE by connecting through an API and providing all required development functionality out of the box.

Additional expected design features will allow developers to create or import SCs in their preferred SC language (e.g., Solidity, WASM, etc.) and then the choice to deploy it to one of several blockchain platforms (ETH, FCT, EOS, etc.). Developers will also be able to determine the accurate cost of deploying their SC across these blockchain platform options. With superior tools, capabilities, and lower costs, we envision this enhanced IDE being a vehicle to provide superior tech to developers across the industry as well as a venue to entice developers presently on other platforms (Ethereum, Cardano, Tezos, EOS, etc.) to shift their development and application/SC deployments to Factom. Much more on this to come, but we are super-excited about the potential value this project could provide to grow the protocol and are happy to at least the community know what is in-store for the future–a platform with best-in-class tools showcasing the protocol and making it easier than ever to leverage the power and potential of Factom.

Independent Research Initiative2. Development of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP) for the Factom Ecosystem. We have already started research and are conducting preliminary building of an implementation of ZKP on the Factom ecosystem in the form of a library. If the community supports it, in 2020 we will design and develop a tailored, potentially novel implementation of ZKP as a security layer on top of the Factom protocol for Factom/3rd party use. Our initial work on a ZKP implementation will include all required primitives to allow further extension of ZKP as well as the operation of use-case specific algorithms, which the community can help guide.

Q4 Grant Round: We are also reviewing additional projects for the next grant round.

Please monitor Kompendium’s company blog (Kompendium Blog) and other Factom Protocol community announcement forums for future Kompendium developments and updates.

Thanks for reading and your support!

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