06 Oct

Kompendium Community Update – October 2019

This is Kompendium’s October Community Update (covering activity in September). 

We remain a high-efficiency ANO at 60% efficiency, and are conducting aggressive development work for the community – which to support we are entirely reliant on community grants.


Infrastructure: Our team services have been improved, including expanding out our website features (non-public functionalities), and streamlining how we organize and manage our affairs. It’s a slow and methodical process, but it pays significant dividends in meeting objectives and communication.  We have also improved our node infrastructure by swapping out the providers for one of our Mainnet nodes. 

Advocacy: Mitchell started a PEGNET Meetup Chapter in Australia.

Personnel: We continue to aggressively seek out and identify additional talent to expand our four-person team.  We have multiple projects that we intend to submit as grant proposals in the upcoming rounds, which will require additional developers to support.

Testnet: We continue to advance the number and capability of the Testnet webscraping and data analytics algorithms for community reporting.  Please let us know what data or statistics you would like to see so we can refine the monthly report.  Reach out to @[Kompendium] Andy Young with any feedback. 


PEGNET: We provide continued technical support in developing PegNet.

Development of Factom Client LibrariesBackpay Grant 1: We are expanding the number of client libraries available for the Factom protocol: we’re currently developing remote procedure call clients in PHP, Swift, Ruby, and Haskell. We aim to complete all clients prior to the next grant round in November submit them as a back-pay grant. We believe this work is foundational in providing the tools to grow the community and expand its use and application. Note: once finished in November, Kompendium will have built five of the community’s ten client libraries for the protocol!

Development and Expansions of OpenAPIPossible Backpay Grant 2: We have built an Open API client library in Haskell that allows automatic generation of clients in other programming languages and adds a type-safe layer for the Open API server. We examining options to expand Open API with additional functionality by implementing more REST endpoints that will be useful for enterprise solutions and provide easier integration for web applications.

Development of a Factom/FAT/PEGNET Explorer: Kompendium is in the early stages of developing a universal Factom explorer that functions with Factom and PegNet. We are examining options for FAT integration as well; all together the explorer will provide newcomers a deeper ability to understand the Factom Protocol network. More to follow.  

Zero-Knowledge Proof Research (ZKP)ZKP Capability on FactomBackpay Grant 3: We are researching implementation possibilities of Zero-knowledge Proofs, algorithms to make ZKPs functional on Factom. We expect to produce a research paper and an operational library to enable ZKP on Factom that we will make available to the community and seek out a back-pay grant. As part of the research document, we aim to provide a proposal and development road map for native integration of ZKP as a security layer on top of Factom as a Kompendium future project for 2020.

Enhanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and End-to-End Developer Tool Suite – Planned Q4 Grant Proposal: We continue to research and design a smart contract intermediate notation (SCIN) solution that will enable core functionality and define the foundational blocks of what we believe will be a “best in class” IDE for smart-contract development. We believe that SCIN and the enhanced IDE will provide a game-changing ecosystem for developers and will have the ultimate effect of attracting many current developers on other chains such as Ethereum, EOS, Tezos, Cardano, etc. to instead develop and deploy their programs onto the Factom protocol.

For the latest updates, monitor Kompendium’s company blog (Kompendium Blog) and other Factom Protocol community announcements.

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