28 Dec

Kompendium LLC Introduces PegTX.

Kompendium, one of the 28 Factom Authority Node Operators (ANO), and a specialized software development company working on data integrity and information services, is excited to announce the creation of PegTX, a community-demanded and Kompendium-produced accounting and data monitoring tool for use with PegNet, a novel decentralized finance (DeFi) stable coin network.

What is PegNet? PegNet is a foundational digital money and asset layer for DeFi that enables you to hold value and make payments in the form of the financial asset of your choice by the way of digital pegged asset tokens. PegNet is built atop the Factom Protocol network, and uses the Factom protocol as the ledger of record and for data validation.

PegTX generates a CSV report for a specified PegNet wallet address that can be imported into popular spreadsheet and accounting software, greatly simplify and providing a reliable and automated means to manage your DeFi accounting needs. By default, it will search for all actions for that PegNet wallet particular address, including, but not limited to: transactions, pegged asset token conversions, and Factoid burns (one-way burning of Factom Protocol tokens into Pegged Asset Tokens on the PegNet). These PegNet wallet actions can be searched individually or in any combination.

As a revolutionary new network for DeFi, PegTX provides the ease and convenience needed to ensure your DeFi use does not become an unnecessary accounting burden in your day-to-day asset and store-of-value management on the PegNet. Instead, PegTX conveniently provides you with all the information you need to properly account for all your transactions and assets conversions without having to deal with the tedious manual and convoluted accounting traditionally associated with such DeFi systems. PegTX is open source and a trustable accounting program you can depend upon and provided to you to ensure your exploration and use of the PegNet is obstacle free aviable for you to be leveraged as a conveniently as possible.

For the latest updates, monitor Kompendium’s company blog (Kompendium Blog) and other Factom Protocol community announcements.

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