20 Jan

Kompendium Releases a Ruby Client Library for the Factom Blockchain.

Kompendium, one of the 28 Factom Authority Node Operators, and a specialized software development company working on data integrity and information services is excited to announce the release of a Ruby JSON-RPC client library for use with the Factom blockchain.  

The Factom protocol is built to leverage the security and immutability of blockchain for the purpose of securing data. The Factom protocol is a standalone blockchain solution that can exist as a layer above any blockchain, allowing for data to be published and secured continuously in real-time, without the need to handle crypto-currency.

The Ruby programming language, and its popular server-side web application framework Ruby on Rails, is used across a full spectrum of applications; examples include web applications, web servers, graphing libraries, threaded database servers, and even low-level system utilities. Ruby was designed with the goal of making programming fun and succinct. Development in Ruby is rapid, free libraries (+65,000 gems!) are there for almost everything, and it can be used as a scripting language, but also compiled to bytecode to be used by the java virtual machine. 

The creation of the Ruby client library provides access and an introduction of the Factom blockchain to Ruby’s large and active developer community.

The Ruby RPC client library for the Factom blockchain can be found here: https://github.com/kompendium-llc/factom-ruby-client

Please monitor Kompendium’s company blog (Kompendium Blog) and other Factom Protocol community announcement forums for future Kompendium developments and updates.

Thanks for reading and your support!

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