16 Jan

Kompendium Announces Release of a Haskell Client Library for DeFi Network – PegNet.

Kompendium, one of the 28 Factom Authority Node Operators, and a specialized software development company working on data integrity and information services, is excited to announce the creation of a PegNet Client Library for the Haskell programming language.  

What is PegNet? PegNet is a foundational digital money and asset layer for DeFi that enables you to hold value and make payments in the form of the financial asset of your choice by the way of digital pegged asset tokens. PegNet is built atop the Factom Protocol network and uses the Factom blockchain as the ledger of record and for data validation.

For functional languages, Haskell is regularly cited as a clear leader and has an incredibly diverse and active developer community perfect to leverage the Factom protocol. Haskell is a type-safe language that allows creating highly robust and bug-free software coding (even without robust testing), and creates rapid and efficient coding, especially during early software development stages. Static type-systems allows the compiler to understand inconsistencies in the code before it actually builds and removes several classes of errors usually covered by extensive manual testing or broad test utilities. Haskell is a wide-spectrum language, suitable for a variety of applications, particularly for programs which need to be highly modifiable and maintainable.

In addition to bringing new developers into the PegNet ecosystem as well as the greater Factom Protocol community, Kompendium built the Haskell PegNet client library to support and encourage the further development of value-adding applications to expend the functionality and services available on PegNet.

The Kompendium Haskell PegNet client library can be found here: https://github.com/kompendium-llc/pegnetd-haskell-client

Please monitor Kompendium’s company blog (Kompendium Blog) and other Factom Protocol community announcement forums for future Kompendium developments and updates.

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