22 Jan

Kompendium Announces the Release of a PHP Client Library for the Factom Blockchain.

Kompendium, one of the 28 Factom Authority Node Operators, and a specialized software development company working on data integrity and information services is excited to announce the creation of a powerful PHP JSON-RPC client library for the Factom blockchain. 

The Factom protocol is a standalone blockchain solution that can exist as a layer above any blockchain, allowing for data to be published and secured continuously in real-time, without the need to handle crypto-currency.

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be executed via a command line interface (CLI), embedded into HTML, or within web frameworks. It is the most widely used server-side scripting language (78.9% of all language-known websites) and there are an estimated 5 million PHP programmers worldwide. PHP supports both procedural programming and object-oriented programming, runs on all popular operating systems and web servers, and has strong connectivity to dozens of databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, MS-Access, SQL Server, etc…). Paired with its any of its power frameworks such as Symfony—a PHP web application framework and set of reusable PHP components/libraries—PHP provides a fast, reliable, versatile, and flexible language to build and test your applications.

Kompendium developed the PHP client library to open access to the factom blockchain and enhance it’s appeal to the massive PHP developer community.

The PHP client library for the Factom blockchain can be found on the developer section of www.factomprotocol.org or directly at https://github.com/kompendium-llc/factom-php-client

Please monitor Kompendium’s company blog and other Factom Protocol community announcement forums for future Kompendium developments and updates.

Thanks for reading and your support!

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